The Seductive Art of Blog Commenting

Hey there, why don’t you slip a little comment down below? Yeah, that’s right.

It’s that time of year when everyone’s thoughts turn to hooking up, getting together and making a sweet, sweet partnership. For bloggers, that means only one thing.

Unleashing some blog comments.

So turn up the Barry White. Turn down the lights. And prepare for a lesson in the art of seduction. Because when it comes to the art of blog commenting, petrol station flowers and a box of milk tray just isn’t going to cut it.

The Seducer’s Guide to Sensual Blog Comments

Now you’re probably sat there, in the dark, with Barry White on, wondering why you’d want to devote time and effort to blog commenting. Surely the comment is just the brief fumble in the broom cupboard compared to the deep and meaningful relationship that only comes with mutual respect and regular guest posts.

Well, you’re wrong. Because blog comments are important for three main reasons:

This man’s profile couldn’t be higher. He’s a veritable Casanova…

1) Raising your profile. Having your interesting little vignettes at the bottom of dozens of posts is the quickest and easiest way to make people associate you with their favourite blogs.

2) Driving relevant traffic. Once people begin to recognise you, they’ll start clicking on your name. And because they’re subscribed to blogs in your niche, they’ll be more receptive to what you have to say.

3) Helping Your SEO. Yes, most blog comments are nofollow. No, a dofollow comment doesn’t carry much authority. But it all adds up. Regular commenting is a quick way to building a link profile, and it’ll complement your regular link building activities.

So now you’re ready to get down to business, let’s get down to business with some seductive blog commenting tips.

Don’t Post and Run

When you’re starting a relationship, it’s important to stick around. Don’t just do what you came to do, and then run off into the night without so much as a thankyou handshake.

The same goes for commenting. Post your comment, and then hang around. Have a conversation. Show that blogger that you’re interested in them, not just in sowing your wild comment oats.

Show Them You Understand

Nothing ruins a date like one party staring, glassy-eyed into the middle distance and agreeing blindly with whatever’s being said. It’s a mood killer, and it makes you look like a fool.

You need to show your date, and your blogger, that you understand what they’re saying. You don’t need to agree, but you need to engage with them.

Don’t Make it All About You

“Well I think” “I like” “I, me, me” – these aren’t going to charm anyone’s pants off. And a blog comment that’s all about you is going to make you look like an egotist.

This flow chart won’t lead to a long term commenting relationship

So just like with a date, you need to act interested in what they have to say. The secret? Pertinent follow up questions. Trust me. Drop a few of those in, and they’ll be putty in your hands.

Don’t Forget to Call Back

You’ve had a great time. You’ve had a wonderful conversation, you’ve achieved what you set out to do and this has all the hallmarks of what could be a beautiful partnership. And then you never bother to call back.

I’m not suggesting you spend hours on the phone to every blogger whose posts you’ve commented on. But you should pop by every so often, just to keep that spark alive.

Who knows? You might even have seduced them into coming and commenting on your blog.


5 Comments comments for "The Seductive Art of Blog Commenting"

  1. Gareth Cook at 11:10 am

    Another very clever, timely and very helpful post Andrew. I’ve recently been trying to work out how to use the blog on my website more effectively and you’re proving to be quite an inspiration when it comes to choosing interesting topics to blog about.

    I’ve also recently started commenting on blogs for the first time, so this post really resonated with me (that’s the last time I will be mentioning myself, for fearing of coming across as an egotist).

    Another point you could try and weave into your seductive theme would be to for commenters to validate their appreciation for the post they are commenting on by retweeting the link and thus ‘sharing the love’. Commenters consistently unwilling to alert others to your blog posts are either heartless lotharios or could be revealing obsessive stalker tendencies!

    So I’m off to retweet the link to this article immediately!

    • Andrew at 11:15 am

      Great comment Gareth, and a very pertinent post about sharing the love! I wholeheartedly agree that you lovely passionate people should promote this post!

  2. Bel at 5:38 pm

    Ah, you know I read (I think you know) but it’s not often that I feel I have to say something considerate. 😉 I usually take away something from your blog posts, though. 🙂

  3. Ben Locker at 5:04 pm

    Great stuff. How the hell did I miss this when you published?

    What also interests me is how lots of commenting has gone to other places, particularly Twitter and to a lesser extent Facebook.

    When I started blogging in about 2003/4, there were much stronger ecosystems of people who read and commented on each other’s blogs. Those are much weaker now, but on the plus side Social Media is pointing us to shed loads more blogs we really want to read.

    • Andrew at 12:07 pm

      That’s true. It sometimes surprises me that a post will be debated on Twitter for hours, and sometimes attract just a handful of comments.

      I guess the conversation’s just been moved on.

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