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Quick question. Which part of your website wins you new business?

It’s not the graphics. It’s not the template. Not even the photographs. It’s the words.

So shouldn’t those words be written by a website copywriter?

Make sure your website’s working hard.

“Website content so good that it blew me away.”

603 Copywriting didn’t write those words. Adam did.

Like most business owners, Adam knew he didn’t know how to design a website, or build a website. But he thought he could make a decent attempt at writing his website.

But after it just wasn’t attracting the high-value customers his business needed to grow and succeed, Adam changed his mind. Hired a website copywriter. Gave 603 the brief, and waited for a first draft.

He read it, loved it, and published it on his website.

Then he wrote that line as a review.

For Adam, it was simple. It’ll be simple for you too. Just hire 603 Copywriting, have a chat about your goals, your business, your customers, and wait for a draft.

From this side, website copywriting is a little bit more in-depth.

There’s the research. Digging deep into what makes your business special. What you do, what makes you stand out, and what your customers will find irresistible. 

Researching your industry, and your clients, and coming up with a message that’ll stand out from the competition and speak to your readers. Get into their heads. And really show them that you understand their problems.

Because it’s that understanding that makes sure your website’s content wins you that all important business.

It’s not enough to explain who you are and what you do. A good website writer focuses on how your business makes life better for your customers. And it convinces them to buy.

That’s what Adam wanted – copy that spoke to his customers and generated more income for his business. If that’s what you’re looking for too, 603 Copywriting is here to help.

Case Studies

Website Case Studies

Tahar Ali - Speaker B2B Copywriting / Website

The brief: Tahar speaks to CEOs all over the world. His website needed to grab their attention.
The result:More interest from business leaders, increased bookings on both sides of the Atlantic.

Supreme Imports B2C Copywriting / Website

The brief:Work with a growing Manchester-based company to revamp websites across five different brands.
The result:More online sales through each website, bigger order values, and happier, more informed shoppers.

“For a number of years, I’ve worked closely with 603 Copywriting for content for a number of our websites. Very professional, personable and effective. I would recommend 603 Copywriting to anyone.”

TA - The Manchester Self Storage Co. Ltd

Looking for a Simple Website Copywriting Package?

Most businesses don’t need a huge website. While Amazon needs hundreds of thousands of pages to sell their hundreds of thousands of products, most of the customers we work with need about five. Plus a quick contact page. So we’ve put together a package that offers all the copy you’ll need for a six page website:

Quick Start Six Page Website Package: £899.00


  • Telephone interview and briefing to understand your business
  • Up to two hours’ desk research to understand your sector and customers
  • Five pages of website copy for the homepage, about us, sales pages or landing pages
  • A unique, focused call-to-action for your site’s contact page
  • Up to two rounds of copy amendments

Planning a larger site? Add extra pages for £149 each.

Want your website optimised for search engines? We offer a Quick Start SEO Website Package.

If you’re interested in our Quick Start website copywriting package, or you’d like to speak to a website copywriter and have a more bespoke job priced up, contact 603 Copywriting today.