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SEO Copywriter

Search Engine Optimised (SEO) Copywriting Services

Before your website’s read, it needs to be found.

If it’s going to be found, it needs to be on Google.

And for that, you’re going to need an SEO Copywriter.

Writing content that ranks.

“Understanding how search engines work myself, letting 603 take responsibility was no problem after our meeting.”

Robert isn’t your usual SEO copywriting customer. Robert actually understood what it takes to get noticed by Google. He understands algorithms, and the difference between SEO, SEM and SMO. 

But most people don’t. Most people don’t have Robert’s background, and aren’t always comfortable when an expert reels off loads of terms they’ve never heard of.

So if you know nothing about search engine optimisation, or copywriting, how do you know if 603 is the best SEO copywriter for your company?

How about because we’ve helped companies in the UK, South Africa and Australia get page one Google results for search terms that generate enquiries? Not marquee phrases that take years to achieve and are too vague to turn into sales, but focused phrases that customers who are ready to buy are using.

Or because we’ll take the time to simplify and demystify SEO for you. Explaining the basics, so you’ll understand exactly what you’re paying for?

Then there’s the fact that optimised content is about more than appealing to Google. It’s about appealing to your customers. Some search experts are in love with the science of SEO, of outfoxing the algorithm. For us, it’s a means to an end. A way of getting in front of your customers. A step on the journey.

We know that when it comes to SEO copywriting, it’s the copywriting part that’s much more important. That’s the part that sells. That wins you new customers. So that’s the part we pay most attention to.

So maybe you don’t know the first thing about optimisation. But if you think putting your customers first makes sense to you, then you’ve probably found the right SEO copywriter.

Case Studies

SEO Case Studies

88Vape B2C Copywriting / SEO Ecommerce Copy

The brief:Help 88Vape move up the search engines with fresh copy on their new ecommerce website.
The result:Higher rankings, more search traffic, and a lasting increase in both sales and turnover.

RapidBid B2C Copywriting / SEO Website Copy

The brief:Help the company branch out in Australia and the USA by attracting search engine users in those countries.
The result:A successful website launch in two countries, delivering solid leads and enquiries from local customers.

“As an experienced SEO myself, I had no problem with letting 603 Copywriting take responsibility. Their approach and professionalism started to convert for us within weeks.”

RC – Project Lead, Jennor UK

Looking for a Simple SEO Copywriting Package?

Most businesses don’t need a huge website. And Google’s more likely to rank a relevant site with a handful pages than a huge site filled with irrelevant content. If you’re just starting out, five pages of optimised copy is about right. Plus a quick contact page. So we’ve put together a package that offers all the SEO copy you’ll need for a six page website:

Quick Start Six Page SEO Website Package: £1,199.00


  • Telephone interview and briefing to understand your business
  • Up to two hours’ desk research to understand your sector and customers
  • Up to two hours’ keyword research to find the best search terms to target
  • Five pages of optimised website copy for the homepage, about us, sales pages or landing pages
  • Optimised meta data (titles and descriptions that Google will read) for five pages
  • Up to two IMG tags (bits of code so Google understands your images) per optimised page
  • A unique, focused call-to-action for your site’s contact page
  • Up to two rounds of copy amendments

Planning a larger site? Add extra optimised pages for £199 each, and additional meta data and IMG tags for £29 per additional page.