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Article and Blog Copywriter

Evergreen Content Writing Services

Blog posts aren’t disposable. They’re powerful.

Write them well, and they stick around, grabbing attention.

A blog copywriter makes sure your articles stay the course instead of sinking.

Choose blogs and articles that hit the mark.

“Blogs with an uncanny ability to get into the mindset of not only the company, but my varied customer base.”

Like many people running a business or a department of a larger company, Mark had a problem. He needed to write regular blogs for a number of different audiences. But trying to switch from one set of customers for one post, to another type of reader for another post, to switching back to his own voice when the phone rang was driving him round the bend.

Even worse, the blog posts he’d written himself were just sitting there. Not being read, not being shared, not generating any interest until they’d slowly slip off his blog page, never to be seen again. So he stopped. And as posts dried up, potential customers began to wonder if his company was still operating.

So he picked up the phone and called 603 to ask about a regular blog copywriting service. That was in 2017. Since then, once a week, his customers have read an enticing blog post or article that’s helped them understand how to use his products, how to save money, or how to upgrade to newer versions. They’ve read, clicked, shared and bought.

Hiring an article copywriter isn’t just about making your life easier, it’s about giving your clients regular, useful, usable content. By understanding your market, your business and your customers, we’ll create that content for you.

Blog posts that clients don’t just read, but that they share around, putting your products and services in front of new audiences. Articles that Google notices and ranks.

Content that’ll regularly help you generate more business. Surely that’s a better option than tying yourself in knots trying to magic up 500 words that nobody will read?

Case Studies

Blogs & Articles Case Studies

Reconomy (Tomorrow People) B2C Copywriting / SEO Articles, Infographics, Blogs

The brief:Helping a midlands-based agency provide an ongoing blog, infographic and article campaign for a client.
The result:Blog posts, infographics and slideshares that ranked on Google, generated interest, and powered sales.

CBD UK B2C Copywriting / SEO Articles

The brief:Create engaging, SEO-friendly outreach articles and blog posts for a growing ecommerce brand.
The result:Rankings improved, and customers learned more about a new, expanding product range.

“As an editorial manager at a content management agency, I need good quality writers that consistently deliver value for money. From serious how-to guides to seasonal fun quizzes, 603 Copywriting delivers just that.”

SB – Senior Editor, Tomorrow People

Looking for a Simple Blog Copywriting Package?

Starting your business blog shouldn’t be difficult. Four posts a month will give you a presence, and summarising them in a monthly email will help to drive more traffic to your posts and stop customers missing out on valuable content. 603 Copywriting’s blog package offers just that, four expertly-written posts and a short summary email each month:

Quick Start Monthly Blogging Package: £649.00


  • Email briefing to select your topics and customers
  • Up to two hours’ desk research to understand each topic in full
  • Four expertly written blog posts of up to 800 words, covering the topics of your choice
  • A short summary email to notify your readers about what’s being written
  • Up to two rounds of copy amendments
  • No minimum term commitment

Need an extra article to cover breaking news? Add extra posts for £149 each.