Review: Bob Hoffman's Marketers are from Mars, Consumers are from New Jersey

Common sense is a deeply uncommon trait.

I’ve got no idea who said that, no intention of Googling it, and every reason to keep using it in conversations about marketing.

Because lots and lots of what marketers say – especially the gurus and the rockstars and the ninjas – is utter, utter bullshit.

Bob Hoffman, known to the world as the Ad Contrarian, has plenty of common sense. And no patience whatsoever for the unsubstantiated, unreasonable and unthinkingly parroted bollocks that gushes forth from blogs, Twitter accounts and marketing seminars.

Bob knows that while advertising gurus are in love with their sacred cows (engagement, brand relationships, the “death” of everything that actually works), customers are more interested in burgers.

“The social media fantasy is in a death spiral. Social media marketing is no longer taken seriously as a sales builder by anyone with a functioning cortex.”

Bob Hoffman – Marketers are from Mars, Consumers are from New Jersey

Using a winning combination of scorn, experience and cold hard facts, Marketers are from Mars is the funniest book about the ad industry I’ve read in a long time. And contains some of the hardest truths anyone in marketing is likely to read.

  • Brand loyalty is an inch deep, which is why this conversation is so popular. “Coke please” “Pepsi OK?” “Yeah.”
  • “Permission-based marketing” is based on the incorrect assumption that people give a shit about the company who makes their fabric softener.
  • You can’t build a brand with online display advertising.

And that’s before the chapter on the great online advertising scam – which is worth the price of admission for anyone thinking about various nebulous marketing methods.

If you want a book about becoming a better marketer, read Dave Trott. If you want to become a better copywriter, read Andy Maslen.

If you want to ditch all the stupid ideas you’ve absorbed about advertising and become a better, happier human being, read Bob Hoffman.

Even if you don’t agree with the guy, you’ll have a laugh along the way. And that’s got to be worth a quid.

Andrew read Marketers are from Mars, Consumers are from New Jersey by Bob Hoffman – Kindle edition. £0.99 from Amazon UK. Apologies to Bob’s family, who’ll see about eight pence of that. If they’re lucky.

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  1. Stephen Wiser at 1:19 pm

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