Review: Dave Trott's Predatory Thinking

Predatory Thinking isn’t a book about copywriting.

Predatory Thinking isn’t even a book about marketing.

Predatory Thinking is a book about how you need to think to succeed.

Dave Trott has a unique way of thinking, and of sharing his thoughts with you.

He takes a story about a policeman, or Hitler, or his father-in-law, and he retells it to you.

In short, easily-digestible sentences. With a moral at the end. Like an Aesop’s Fable.

But for modern businesses.

There’s nothing prescriptive. No exercises to do. And no big dramatic flourishes.

Just insightful advice gleaned from a lifetime of experience.

That seems like it’s useful to just about everyone.

That’s a book I think you need to read.

That’s Predatory Thinking.

603 Recommended?

Yes – for anyone and everyone. The blurb about the book being suitable everywhere from the boardroom to the boot room isn’t an exaggeration. There’s not a sentence wasted in this book, and reading it helps you gradually understand the key points that Dave Trott makes. That you need to out-think your problems, and look for advantages.

My only caveat is that extended exposure to Dave Trott’s wonderful writing style might make you attempt to replicate it.

In a book review.


Andrew read Predatory Thinking by Dave Trott – paperback edition. £8.99 from Amazon UK


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