Celebrating Three Years of 603 Copywriting - Your Special Offer

As of this week, it’s been three years since I started my copywriting agency. Three years since I made the move from being an underpaid, underappreciated cog in an corporate machine to becoming Manchester’s number one freelance copywriter. And obviously, I couldn’t have done it without my clients.

If you are one of those clients, whether you’re the coach firm who I worked with on day one, the ecigarette manufacturer who trusted me enough to keep me on retainer, the software developer who invited me to lunch in a city neither of us lived in, or anyone anywhere in between, I want to say thanks.

And I want to give you a gift. Not a mug, or a branded pencil. But something valuable.Because your referrals have helped and continue to help me grow my business.

Refer a contact, and get a discount worth 10% of their project fee.

If you’re anything like most of my repeat clients, you’ve already spent a large amount on having your website written, and we’re now working together on additional pages, pitch emails and blog posts.

10% off your next £150 pitch email doesn’t seem like much of a reward for helping me build a successful business. Especially not if you’ve referred a contact who’s investing thousands in professionally-written SEO content for their website.

So instead of giving you a discount based on what you need, I’m giving you a discount based on what they need.

If your contact needs content worth £2,000 for their website, then that’s £200 off your next copywriting project.

Now that’s a thank you.

How to claim your referral discount

  1. Let a business contact, friend or family member that needs copywriting services know that 603 Copywriting is a great choice.
  2. Introduce them to me, we hit it off, I write some amazing copy for them and they pay their bill.
  3. The next time you need any content creation work, I apply a discount worth 10% of what your contact paid to your invoice.

See, that’s pretty simple.

Thanks for helping me to grow 603 Copywriting. It’s been a great three years. Here’s to the next three (and the three after, and the three after that…)!


Terms and Conditions

This offer is open only to clients who have paid in full for copywriting services from 603 Copywriting Ltd.
If said eligible party refers a new client to 603 Copywriting Ltd, once that client pays in full, the eligible party will be able to claim a discount equal to 10% of the value of the new client’s first fee the next time they require copywriting services.
It is the responsibility of the eligible party to notify 603 Copywriting Ltd that they have referred a new client.
No cash alternative is available.
This discount is non-transferable and is available only to the eligible party.
Discounts do not “roll over” across multiple projects. If a discounted project is not equal to the value of the discount available, any “remaining” discount will be ruled void.
All discounts are offered at the discretion of 603 Copywriting Ltd and apply only to direct clients. Work on behalf of agencies or other third parties are not covered by these discounts.
603 Copywriting Ltd reserves the right to alter or cancel this offer without prior notice, or to refuse a discount on any project.


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